November 26, 2012


Hi there!

Hope you all have a great holiday time :) It was a great weekends for me and now I have a lot of ideas in my head. But first of all I want to show you a few new scarves. They're made with yarn I show you before - Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
First one was finished a weeks ago but I decided to wait till I'll have more than one to show you. And here they are.

November 15, 2012

Some color beauty..

It is pretty dark outside last few days but I really want to show you these beautiful colors :) The photos aren't great... But this is the best I can do.

I bought these a few weeks ago and here they are - lovely juicy hanks of my favourite yarn (though on these photo they are already in cakes).

From left to right: Xmas Rock, Deer Woman and Crabby McHappypants. All of them are Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

November 8, 2012

Dreaming of cold days..

It is still pretty warm in California... I really miss autumn from my childhood - with cold wind and bright orange and red leaves. I also miss winter, of course. And though it's not that cold here in winter I really want to knit something cozy, that would remind me cold snowy days.
And what can be more winter-style than sweaters with Norwegian pattern? I always wanted one since I was about 8 years old. And a few weeks ago suddenly I decided to knit one for myself. Well, I thought it was suddenly. But then I remembered that a few days ago from that day I saw a picture of mine in a lovely sweater with such pattern. I'm a little 6-yr old shy girl on it and I  remembered that I loved that sweater sooo much. I was wearing it all the time! So probably when I saw that picture something is clicked in me, even though I didn't realised it at first.

So I picked a pretty easy variant: a jacket with short sleeves and norwegian pattern designed by Drops. Easy because I also used the original yarn they suggest - Drops Baby Alpaca Silk (btw, I really like it :)). I chose a Brown as the main color and Blue Gray, White and Black as a contrast colors.

I must say that this sweater was actually the first one serious project. I mean with real sleeves, with jacquard pattern, with buttons :) As I usually knit something that doesn't really need any measures (like shawls, for example) this project was very interesting for me. I was excited about every part of the work...
And here is what I have now :)

October 16, 2012

Spearmint Tea shawl - free pattern!

And another one shawl. Absolutely improvised - Spearmint Tea.

I used for it a lovely Wolle's Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton in Spearmint II colorway and US 4 needles.

Bigger on the Inside shawl

Today I want to show you some shawls. To be exactly - two shawls but one at a time.

The first one is Bigger on the Inside shawl by Kate Atherley.

October 1, 2012

Release: Butterflies in Nets Pattern

 It's been a while since my last post here. It's all because we have a vacation. Finally  :) A really short 10 days that we spent in Ukraine where my husband and me are from with our families. These days past so quickly that I even thought that maybe we shouldn't go there if we have such a short vacation... Besides, jet-lag is just terrible this time. It's been a week since we are back in California, but I still wake up at 5 a.m. %)

Ok, I have something to show. I finished this pattern of knitted shawl, literally, at the last minute. First I was going to write it down after we will back. But as I can't sit and doing nothing - so I started to write it at the last day before vacation. I finished it at the evening... And got up at 4 a.m. to go to airport. That was a crazy idea actually :) I shouldn't hurry that much with the releasing. That's why there was one mistake in the written instructions and I'm really sorry about that. It's all fixed now so don't be worry.

August 28, 2012

Weaving: Fiery Scarf

A new one wooven scarf for my autumn collection of gradient scarves!
This one made in shades of fire (as I see it). Though the yarn colorway is called Oaks Bottom.

August 21, 2012

Weaving: Ocean Dream


So.. Here is what I have now! New hand woven scarf with gradient color change!
It was made with an amazing Socks That Rock that I show you here last time in a great Oceana colorway. I just love all about it: the drape, the color change, the weight of fabric (it has very nice feeling weight). Well... everything :)

August 20, 2012

Fell in love!

I just have to show you this yarn!
About two weeks ago I've finally ordered a Socks That Rock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I was going to buy it for a few months and finally  it's here :) Well, it was here two days ago now.
What can I say? I love almost all of their colorways! They are just awesome! But as I wasn't familiar with this yarn I decided to buy only two skeins to try it for some project.
And when recieved the package I was feeling so bad that I haven't ordered more... The thread is just perfectly twisted and feel so great!
Well, enough lyrics. Here it is :) Socks That Rock lightweight (100% superwash merino) 405 yds/5.5 oz.
Oceana colrorway

August 10, 2012

Crochet tunic

A few days ago I understood that September is really close and that means that our vacation on the beach in Crimea pretty close too. :) and I want to have something nice to wear on the swimsuit.

So I decided to crochet a tunic. Well, it is pretty optimistic plan as I have about a month till our vacation and this project is not the only one at this time :)

I have a very nice yarn from Valley Yarns - CotLin 50% cotton, 50% linen. I like it so much and I think it's perfect for this project - the crochet fabric isn't warm, pretty light and airy.

The tunic consist of a square motives and here is what I have for now :) it is going not so fast with 1.5 mm hook :) Hope to finish it before middle of September :)

P.s.Oh, and you can follow me on Instagram to see the most fresh pictures of my WIP's. My username is kasi4ka out there :)

July 23, 2012

Chevron Lace Stole Pattern


So today is the DAY! I've created a designers account on Ravelry and post my first design here!

It is a Chevron Lace Stole that I've shown you a few days ago. I finally write down the pattern today :)

You can buy it from Ravelry for $4

All you will need to make this featherweight stole is:
 - 100g of lace yarn (orig: Jaggerspun Zephyr wool/silk)
 - US 2 1/5 needles (3mm)
 - 15g of seed bead (optional)

That's it!

I' would be happy if you'll find this design interesting enough to try it :) Though I'm actually pretty happy enough even now :)

Have a great week!

July 18, 2012

Chevron stole with beads

Hello there!

Yesterday I've finished a new one stole.
I was thinking about something easy - only one pattern through whole stole without any laced border or anything like that.

I've picked a Pointed Chevron pattern from A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker.
I really like this pattern and I'm planning to use it a lot :)

June 20, 2012

Brown Alpine

Hi there!

Today I want to show you another one variant of Alpine scarf that I've finished yesterday

I've already knit this one before in turquoise color and now I don't know which one I like more :) The turquoise one is pretty bright so it can add some specific note to your look. At the same time this one - in brown shade - has more classical look as I think.

June 11, 2012

Mulberry Clap


This Friday I've finished another one stole... I've already made one like this but this time I changed the needle size to smaller (3.5 mm) and of course it is made in another colour :)

So, it is an amazing Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.
I love this design so much... It's one of my favourite! It is simple but very elegant.

Here is some photos:

June 8, 2012

Silky vamp


I wasn't sure should I post here or not... But after a few days I decided that it should be here too. But I warn you - I haven't made any great photos of this amazing shawl... Sorry for that.

I made this one shawl for a very bright and nice person. She likes bright red color and she lives in Florida. So I was looking for some bright red silk as it would be not too warm for that climate.
Unfortunately I didn't find anything like that anywhere :( Maybe I don't know a lot of places but I've searched on Etsy, on E-bay, google shopping, some on-line shops like WEBS.. Well, I've looked everywhere I know. Nothing.. Except one shop from Russia on Etsy :) They have a 100% mulberry silk in a good price and exactly the shade I was looking for - screaming red! So this yarn was going from Russia and it took almost 1.5 months %)
When it finally came to me I was so excited! Though I've never worked with 100% silk and seed beads before  - it was going pretty fast. I finished it in a week or so.
And here is a few photos.. Yes, those "not-so-great" photos.

May 29, 2012

On the... hook?


A little sneak peak! I just can't seat and watch on it by myself for so long :) it is a pretty big project - I'm not going to tell what is it, but as for me - it's one of my huge projects :)

It is crocheted.. and it's almost done. Actually it could be done in a months ago. But I'm a knitter with a lot of WIP's all the time so I work on this one only when I've finished some new project and want to do something absolutely another.

I hope to finish it in a few days while I'm waiting for some supplies and there is nothing really interesting to do (knit or crochet) except of this one project :)
Stay tuned!


May 17, 2012

My Fantasia...

A few days ago I've finished a great  wedding shawl - it is an Ice Fantasia by Anne Hanson
The pattern wasn't very easy actually. First few charts was a little illogical for me and I couldn't remember them at all :) It was a bit challenging... But when I came to last charts of body - the work start going easily.

The border wasn't very easy too. I didn't really understand why it was always k2tog and none of ssk. This way it would be easy to remember the pattern I think, but I decided to work directly as pattern says. So the border took about 4 days which is almost the same as all body of the shawl.

April 3, 2012

Weaving: first scarf

Wow, it's been a while from my last update here...
It's all my camera's fault! It doesn't want to upload photos to my PC but I keep struggling. And today I've got something!

About a month ago I bought a simplest loom - Beka rigid heddle loom 20". It came to me really fast and I began to learn weaving. Actually there is nothing to learn in weaving on rigid heddle loom. It is absolutely easy to do.
I made a few woven scarves for now but only one is good enough to show you :)

Here it is:

February 21, 2012

...and we'll be on the clouds


Yesterday I found an awesome bowls on Etsy in the shape of cloud. Of course, they are in my favs now :)

And then I decided to look around my favs for any other cloud-items and I found out that I have a few amazing cloud-themed things. So today's theme is "sky".
Take your seat comfortably and enjoy :)

Pottery cloud bowls by JDWolfePottery
Hair pin set by iluxo

February 20, 2012

Crochet tablecloth

I just understood that I forgot to show you my new crochet tablecloth! What was I thinking about?!

I finished it about 3 weeks ago and it have been already in my shop for a while.
It is made of pretty thin mercerised cotton. This tablecloth (or a big doily?) is square and it's not really big: about 47 inches length.

February 1, 2012

A little bit of tenderness


I'm continuing to post a short articles with my favorite and very interesting stuff from Etsy. 
Today's theme is lace! If you'll visit my shop you can notice that I love lace in any form. It is absolutely my passion!
So here is some picked items from Etsy with tag "lace".
White wedding capalet by dmtgun3
Bridal Shower Umbrella by whitetulipboutique

January 30, 2012

Go green!

Hi there!

I should admit that I'm a big fan of Etsy - the place of incredibly beautiful handmade items and vintage. I can walk around on Etsy for all day, admiring the color decisions, skillfully made ​​photos and just enjoying all the beauty that people can make with their own hands.
Unfortunately, I rarely have time to enjoy this beauty. But in recent days I realized that this is exactly what I was missing for a creative mood and a self-confidence, as an artist.
That's why I decided to add a new blog category in which I would like to share with you my findings from Etsy, which inspires me and which are totally in my wish-list :) Hope you'll find something interesting for yourself too!

Today's theme is green. I actually never thought that I like this color and green color shades. But about a year ago I start finding some beauty in it. As I think all items made in green have some freshness. Not that freshness that gives blue color or white. The freshness of grass, leaves on the trees, plants, etc.. I think this is a reason why  this color is so good for home decor - it can bring some leafy and nature notes in your place.

Fabric coiled basket by CornerstoneLAE
This fabric coiled basket can add a juicy note to your dinning area.
I think that the fruits in a green bowl looks so much mouth-watering, fresh and juicy than fruits in a grey or yellow bowl, for example, so you just want to take one and it eat it right now!

January 6, 2012

Alpine stole


I'm back from all that Christmass and NY holidays and started working again, though it was hard :)

I have a one new featherweight lace stole in my shop. It was made with merino wool/Tussah silk blend in a magic turquoise color.