January 30, 2012

Go green!

Hi there!

I should admit that I'm a big fan of Etsy - the place of incredibly beautiful handmade items and vintage. I can walk around on Etsy for all day, admiring the color decisions, skillfully made ​​photos and just enjoying all the beauty that people can make with their own hands.
Unfortunately, I rarely have time to enjoy this beauty. But in recent days I realized that this is exactly what I was missing for a creative mood and a self-confidence, as an artist.
That's why I decided to add a new blog category in which I would like to share with you my findings from Etsy, which inspires me and which are totally in my wish-list :) Hope you'll find something interesting for yourself too!

Today's theme is green. I actually never thought that I like this color and green color shades. But about a year ago I start finding some beauty in it. As I think all items made in green have some freshness. Not that freshness that gives blue color or white. The freshness of grass, leaves on the trees, plants, etc.. I think this is a reason why  this color is so good for home decor - it can bring some leafy and nature notes in your place.

Fabric coiled basket by CornerstoneLAE
This fabric coiled basket can add a juicy note to your dinning area.
I think that the fruits in a green bowl looks so much mouth-watering, fresh and juicy than fruits in a grey or yellow bowl, for example, so you just want to take one and it eat it right now!
Green Pea Sprouts by MyLittleKawaii

These green Pea Sprouts are just suuuuper cute! What can look more realistic and close to the nature then this? I just felt in love with these sprouts long time ago. I think it can be a perfect home decor for eco-lovers :)

Cozy wool/polyamide blend fingerless gloves/wrist warmers by evarica
This beautiful handknitted stylish and cozy wool/polyamide blend fingerless gloves/wrist warmers can add to your outfit bright notes and as I said earlier - some freshness. Also that berries ornament is sooo  tender!
Air plant specimen by toHOLD
As a shop-owner says: "Air plants don't need much TLC, watering is easy peasy (just fill with water and soak for 2 minutes once a week), drain and enjoy. This little guy loves his home and will give you just enough intrigue wherever you choose to place him"
I think they are just another one perfect thing for your home decor, if you want to give it more natural look :)

Crochet Napkin Ring by MariMartin
This crochet napkins ring are just beautiful! Imagine how great they could look on your table - fresh, cozy and original!

Thats all for now :) I have a lot of other things in my favs (and green - too!), but this post can't be endless!

See you tomorrow!