May 29, 2012

On the... hook?


A little sneak peak! I just can't seat and watch on it by myself for so long :) it is a pretty big project - I'm not going to tell what is it, but as for me - it's one of my huge projects :)

It is crocheted.. and it's almost done. Actually it could be done in a months ago. But I'm a knitter with a lot of WIP's all the time so I work on this one only when I've finished some new project and want to do something absolutely another.

I hope to finish it in a few days while I'm waiting for some supplies and there is nothing really interesting to do (knit or crochet) except of this one project :)
Stay tuned!


May 17, 2012

My Fantasia...

A few days ago I've finished a great  wedding shawl - it is an Ice Fantasia by Anne Hanson
The pattern wasn't very easy actually. First few charts was a little illogical for me and I couldn't remember them at all :) It was a bit challenging... But when I came to last charts of body - the work start going easily.

The border wasn't very easy too. I didn't really understand why it was always k2tog and none of ssk. This way it would be easy to remember the pattern I think, but I decided to work directly as pattern says. So the border took about 4 days which is almost the same as all body of the shawl.