November 25, 2011

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale!

I completely forgot to anounce it here!

I'm running Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale on my Etsy shop! It is 20% discount on any laced shawl in my store (look in "Shawl" section) and FREE SHIPPING on any onther item from my shop!
This sale will last till Nov 28. So hurry up! - Come on in and take a look! Maybe you'll find a perfect christmas gift for someone special!

November 24, 2011

Fair Isle hat

Here is one of my newest project - a hat with scandinavian patterns in black and blue colors.
I've found some realy great yarn. The palette of available colors is incredible! I want them all! And I have a lot of different projects in my mind to make with it.

So, here is a hat that I made with this yarn. It is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It is soft and warm. It can be a great gift as you know -  winter is coming! And it is better to have something like this hat to warm you up!

November 22, 2011

Who wants some Merlot?:)

I remembered that I haven't show you my new shawl. Yes, this one.
So, here it is - red laced shawl in entrelac technique.
It was made with a blend of merino wool and tencel in one of my favorite color - Merlot.

As always - it is light and featherweight, though it is less laced than others.
It is pretty big and cozy :)

November 9, 2011


Yes! I recieved it!
This spindle is looking soooo great! I can't wait to try it! But my fiber is still on it's way to me.. So for now I can only look on this gorgeous drop spindle from Spinerosity! Thank you, Kendra Diaz!
You can find her shop on Etsy here

WIP: What it will be? ;)

I've decided to show you not only the finished works but also some of them in the process. I have some really sweet feelings to photos with unfinished projects. It looks so cute when there is a needles and a hank of yarn near some knitted fabric, and it looks not really like it will be in a future after all blockings and washing... It's like some magic maybe. I don't know why but photos of such knitting process are always makes me feel good.
So today I want to share with you such photos of my next shawl.
I'm not going to tell you what pattern is it, I'll just show you a few photos :)