November 26, 2012


Hi there!

Hope you all have a great holiday time :) It was a great weekends for me and now I have a lot of ideas in my head. But first of all I want to show you a few new scarves. They're made with yarn I show you before - Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
First one was finished a weeks ago but I decided to wait till I'll have more than one to show you. And here they are.

November 15, 2012

Some color beauty..

It is pretty dark outside last few days but I really want to show you these beautiful colors :) The photos aren't great... But this is the best I can do.

I bought these a few weeks ago and here they are - lovely juicy hanks of my favourite yarn (though on these photo they are already in cakes).

From left to right: Xmas Rock, Deer Woman and Crabby McHappypants. All of them are Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

November 8, 2012

Dreaming of cold days..

It is still pretty warm in California... I really miss autumn from my childhood - with cold wind and bright orange and red leaves. I also miss winter, of course. And though it's not that cold here in winter I really want to knit something cozy, that would remind me cold snowy days.
And what can be more winter-style than sweaters with Norwegian pattern? I always wanted one since I was about 8 years old. And a few weeks ago suddenly I decided to knit one for myself. Well, I thought it was suddenly. But then I remembered that a few days ago from that day I saw a picture of mine in a lovely sweater with such pattern. I'm a little 6-yr old shy girl on it and I  remembered that I loved that sweater sooo much. I was wearing it all the time! So probably when I saw that picture something is clicked in me, even though I didn't realised it at first.

So I picked a pretty easy variant: a jacket with short sleeves and norwegian pattern designed by Drops. Easy because I also used the original yarn they suggest - Drops Baby Alpaca Silk (btw, I really like it :)). I chose a Brown as the main color and Blue Gray, White and Black as a contrast colors.

I must say that this sweater was actually the first one serious project. I mean with real sleeves, with jacquard pattern, with buttons :) As I usually knit something that doesn't really need any measures (like shawls, for example) this project was very interesting for me. I was excited about every part of the work...
And here is what I have now :)