February 21, 2012

...and we'll be on the clouds


Yesterday I found an awesome bowls on Etsy in the shape of cloud. Of course, they are in my favs now :)

And then I decided to look around my favs for any other cloud-items and I found out that I have a few amazing cloud-themed things. So today's theme is "sky".
Take your seat comfortably and enjoy :)

Pottery cloud bowls by JDWolfePottery
Hair pin set by iluxo

February 20, 2012

Crochet tablecloth

I just understood that I forgot to show you my new crochet tablecloth! What was I thinking about?!

I finished it about 3 weeks ago and it have been already in my shop for a while.
It is made of pretty thin mercerised cotton. This tablecloth (or a big doily?) is square and it's not really big: about 47 inches length.

February 1, 2012

A little bit of tenderness


I'm continuing to post a short articles with my favorite and very interesting stuff from Etsy. 
Today's theme is lace! If you'll visit my shop you can notice that I love lace in any form. It is absolutely my passion!
So here is some picked items from Etsy with tag "lace".
White wedding capalet by dmtgun3
Bridal Shower Umbrella by whitetulipboutique