January 25, 2015

How to: Easy way to knit a Nupp


I've decided to put here some 'How to' posts from time to time to which I can refer in my patterns later. And who knows - maybe you'll find something useful too.

Today I will show how I knit a nupp. As for me this is an easiest way to knit the nupps - without any turn arounds, or hooks, or knitting and purling back and forth. And this is actually a classic method for knitting nupps in laced shawls - they are bumpy, but not to hard.

So, it's really easy and I've just made a few photos to help you understand the whole process but don't get scared by a lot of photos - it's much easier than it might look.

Ok. Let's say you need to make a nupp in the next knitted stitch you have on the left needle.
1. Knit through that stitch as usual, but pull the stitch a little bit further then usual. And don't slip the knitted stitch from the left needle. Keep it on the needle! Something like this:

2. Next make a yarn over:
3. Then knit in the same stitch again and pull it a bit further as before again. You will have three sts on your right needle:
4. Now you will repeat those last two steps a few times more. Yarn over, knit, yarn over, knit. You can repeat these steps as many times as you want, but remember that you should end with the knit stitch and odd number of stitches and yarn overs on your right needle (5, 7, 9, 11, etc).
For a worsted weight yarn I usually make 7, for a lace weight about 11 (sometimes 9, depending on how thin and 'hairy' the yarn is).

When you made, say, 7 knits and yarnovers just slip the knitted stitch from the left needle and keep knitting to the end of the row. But I would recommend to knit the next stitch a bit tighter then usual. It will help to keep the nupp in form.
5. Work the wrong side of the row as usual until you get to the nupp stitches. Bring yarn in front as if to purl:

Put the right needle all the way through the nupp stitches on the left needle (make sure you haven't missed any):
... grab the yarn as if to purl:

.. and purl through all the nupp stitches.
It might be a little frustrating to do at first, but you'll get better like on the second or third nupp :)
6. Now purl (or knit) the next stitch as your pattern require, but again make it a bit tighter then others, so the nupp will keep the form.

That's it! Don't get confused with a lot of steps I described here. It is actually a very simple stitch and needs just a little of practice.
And here is the mug cozy I made using this technique with the nupps.

Aren't they super cute?
Good luck!