May 28, 2013

Plums on the Sun!

Finally I have something to show you :)
I was pretty busy these last few weeks as I took a class of programming. Well, not actual programming maybe, just a begining as I don't know anything about that. That's why it takes almost all my time now... But I'm really trying to find a free space in my schedule to knit or to weave a little every single day.
So this scarf was on my loom for month I think. That is a longest time I've had an unfinished scarf actually. So when I got new orders few days ago I needed to finish this one.
I'm totally in love with this colorway (it is Fluorite, btw)! Though it was a surprise for me. I bought this yarn on Ravelry and on the photo it looked more like yellow-brown colors. So I was really (but of course pleasantly) surprised when I got this purple-yellow-gray skein!

The yarn is BlueMoon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in a lightweight and Tencel 8/2.. well, as always :)
I like it soo much! But there was a knot in this hank and it was such a pain in the ass... It was pretty big so my heddle was stopping all the time when a pass it.. Well, there was a lot of problems with that one and now I know that I never ever will weave with mill ends again (and this skein was a regular one, not a mill end:( )!
You can buy this scarf on my Etsy shop here.