June 20, 2012

Brown Alpine

Hi there!

Today I want to show you another one variant of Alpine scarf that I've finished yesterday

I've already knit this one before in turquoise color and now I don't know which one I like more :) The turquoise one is pretty bright so it can add some specific note to your look. At the same time this one - in brown shade - has more classical look as I think.

June 11, 2012

Mulberry Clap


This Friday I've finished another one stole... I've already made one like this but this time I changed the needle size to smaller (3.5 mm) and of course it is made in another colour :)

So, it is an amazing Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.
I love this design so much... It's one of my favourite! It is simple but very elegant.

Here is some photos:

June 8, 2012

Silky vamp


I wasn't sure should I post here or not... But after a few days I decided that it should be here too. But I warn you - I haven't made any great photos of this amazing shawl... Sorry for that.

I made this one shawl for a very bright and nice person. She likes bright red color and she lives in Florida. So I was looking for some bright red silk as it would be not too warm for that climate.
Unfortunately I didn't find anything like that anywhere :( Maybe I don't know a lot of places but I've searched on Etsy, on E-bay, google shopping, some on-line shops like WEBS.. Well, I've looked everywhere I know. Nothing.. Except one shop from Russia on Etsy :) They have a 100% mulberry silk in a good price and exactly the shade I was looking for - screaming red! So this yarn was going from Russia and it took almost 1.5 months %)
When it finally came to me I was so excited! Though I've never worked with 100% silk and seed beads before  - it was going pretty fast. I finished it in a week or so.
And here is a few photos.. Yes, those "not-so-great" photos.