March 29, 2013

RCL #2 :)

And here is another one variant of Reversible Circles of Lace.
It is made with Wolle's Color Changing cotton as well in a lovely New Light colorway.
So good for summer :) Love it!

March 20, 2013

Reversible Circles of Lace

I just want to show here a stole I finished few days ago.
This design is a Reversible Circles of Lace by Christina Consiglio
The pattern is great - very easy to follow and remember. It's a perfect knit project when you just need to keep your hands busy.

March 6, 2013

Granite scarf (or Spring is here!)

Hi guys!

It is a real spring out here in California already. Trees are blossom, birds sings! And it's even smell like a spring :)
The scarf I want to show you today was made a few days ago. It is actually a "marble" or "granite" scarf but as I look at it I clearly see light magnolia blossoms in this colorway :)

The yarn is Bluemoon Fiber Arts lightweight in Pink Granite colorway. I've found this one in one lady's stash on Ravelry and she kindly sell it to me as I fell in love with it with a first sight :) So amazingly soft and tender colors... I don't know when the guys from BFA was selling that one but at this moment (unfortunately) they don't have it in their shop :(